Using traditional building methods

Tenement buildings can often require specialist builders who use traditional building methods. In this webinar, we will be joined by traditional building professionals who will advise you on how to find a contractor who uses traditional building methods and inform you on other aspects such as contracts and commissioning.

Energy efficiency in tenement flats

Scottish tenements can be made more energy-efficient, however, it will take owners being informed and working together to make this change. In this webinar, we discuss energy-efficient tenements and what changes you can make today for the future.

Fabric first and retrofit in tenement buildings

What is fabric-first, and how can you retrofit an older tenement building? What should you prioritise? We answer these questions and more in this webinar. Learn about sustainable maintenance and retrofit from tenement experts, and ask our live panel about how you can organise and perform retrofit in your property.

Influencing retrofit policy

In a recent episode of the Zero Ambitions Podcast, Gillian Campbell, joined the hosts to discuss her recent work with the EHA on retrofit policy and what’s needed to make it work.
Retrofit entails making changes to an existing building with new materials, technology, or features that may not have necessarily been available previously.

Scottish Government EPC reform consultation

The Scottish Government has released a consultation paper setting out proposals to reform domestic and non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). EPCs provide properties with an energy efficiency rating and communicate to households and building owners the performance of their building.

‘Deep retrofit’ as an alternative to demolition

As we know, issues of disrepair in older tenement buildings are widespread, presenting challenges for owners as well as upcoming energy efficiency targets. But is the solution really to demolish them?
Scottish Housing News recently published an article written by graduate architect, Quita Hynd, entitled ‘Long live the tenements’, describing her final-year project.

Overcoming the challenges of retrofitting traditional buildings

Energy efficiency and retrofit pose a significant obstacle for owners living in traditional tenement buildings. How can Scotland overcome these obstacles? Professor in Housing Economics (Urban Studies) at the University of Glasgow, Kenneth Gibb, writing in People, Place and Policy (PPP), has looked closely at the issues of delivering retrofit in the context of Scotland’s traditional housing stock and its targets for net zero.