Guest article from the creators of Novoville Shared Repairs

The Novoville Shared Repairs app was developed in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council and launched in 2021 to help make the shared repairs process smoother. This month we have a guest article from the creators of Novoville Shared Repairs, explaining the reasoning behind the app and its key features that help make shared repairs more manageable.

Scottish Government EPC reform consultation

The Scottish Government has released a consultation paper setting out proposals to reform domestic and non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). EPCs provide properties with an energy efficiency rating and communicate to households and building owners the performance of their building.

New downloadable guide to the repairs process

Organising common repairs can be time consuming and stressful, and the common repairs process can be difficult to navigate. Following proper procedures is a critical element in the repairs process, and is essential should you need external help from your local council or if you need to take legal action.

‘Deep retrofit’ as an alternative to demolition

As we know, issues of disrepair in older tenement buildings are widespread, presenting challenges for owners as well as upcoming energy efficiency targets. But is the solution really to demolish them?
Scottish Housing News recently published an article written by graduate architect, Quita Hynd, entitled ‘Long live the tenements’, describing her final-year project.

Setting up an owners’ association: where do I start?

In our June newsletter and on our social media, we asked for information and tips from tenement owners who have successfully set up an owners’ association. We received several responses and one owner agreed to be interviewed about their experience.

A short guide to common building insurance

All owners of tenement flats should have adequate building insurance. For landlords, building insurance is a legal requirement under the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004. Not having an insurance policy can result in landlords failing to fulfil their legal obligations, facing significant costs if damage occurs to the property, and potentially legal action against them.