Organising repairs

These are the steps to follow to get the best deal in repairs and to make sure you will get all owners to pay. If you are well-organised and have some knowledge of how your building is put together, you may be fine in managing smaller repairs yourself. However, for larger or more complex repairs, getting professional help is really recommended and likely to save you money in the long run.

Download our decisions-tree guide that can be used alongside this article to help you navigate the repairs process and ensure you're following proper procedures throughout.

Download the decisions-tree guide


1. Identify the repairs needed

  • Check if you need any warrants or consents

2. Inform owners and reach decisions

3. Find contractors

4. Get competitive quotes

5. Get final agreement from other owners

6. Owners pay in advance

7. Sign contract with builder

8. On-site work management

9. Deal with on-site problems

10. Make payment