Service agreement

What is this service?

Our enquiry service is designed to answer questions about the maintenance and management of tenement buildings.

Can you give advice?

It is not an advice service, and we cannot give our opinion as fact. Please ensure that you consult with a professional or seek legal help before taking action.

Who can use the enquiry service?

Anyone who has a question or issue in relation to tenement maintenance and common repair management is welcome to use our service.

How long does it take to get a reply?

We aim to respond to enquiries as soon as we are able to. However, we are a small organisation and sometimes require more time.

How do you store personal data?

We have a privacy policy in place which you can read here. Sometimes, we may refer to enquiries on our website, social media, and newsletter. Please note that these will be anonymised. However, if you do not wish for your query to be used in our communications, please let us know. We may wish to contact you again to follow up on the progress of your enquiry, however, we will not send you marketing communications without your explicit consent.

The Repairing Standard and upcoming changes

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government announced a series of updates to the existing Repairing Standard that will be enforceable from 1st March 2024. The Repairing Standard covers the legal and contractual obligations of private landlords to ensure their property or properties meet the minimum physical standard of repair.

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Six tips for navigating flat ownership in Scotland

Owning a tenement flat in Scotland comes with certain responsibilities and considerations. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of six things that every flat owner can do to ensure they’re meeting their obligations. 

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Using traditional building methods

Tenement buildings can often require specialist builders who use traditional building methods. In this webinar, we will be joined by traditional building professionals who will advise you on how to find a contractor who uses traditional building methods and inform you on other aspects such as contracts and commissioning.

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What is retrofit?

Retrofit refers to the strategic improvement of existing buildings, so that they are better able to meet modern energy efficiency standards. It can involve installing a new low to zero-emissions heating system in a building or simply adding double glazing, with the common aim of decreasing energy consumption and reducing carbon emission outputs from homes.