Identify required work

Sometimes, the need for repair is obvious, such as when you have a damp patch. However, planned repairs can save you money - a stitch in time saves nine.

Even if you feel like you're having a bit of a crisis with your repair, it's worth taking a look around your building to see if there is anything else that needs to be dealt with at the same time. Look at the Buildings and repairs section to identify your problem and what else may be going on around the current problem. If you've got to pay for scaffolding anyway, there may be other critical repairs that can be done at the same time at relatively little extra cost.

Carrying out a do-it-yourself survey

You can also use the DIY survey form to help you identify repairs before they get to be a crisis and this could save you money in the future.

Planned repairs

Your building needs some planned work every year, such as gutter cleaning and a roof check. In addition, every part of your building will have an expected lifespan. A professional maintenance survey will identify elements that have already failed and those that are due to fail soon. You can use this survey to plan and budget for work. It's good to get these surveys carried out every five years.

More about professional and DIY surveys