Podcast of month: Housing has a new minister

In April, Paul McLennan was appointed as Scotland’s new housing minister. David Bookbinder from the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations and Jane Wood from Homes for Scotland joined hosts Jimmy Black and Kieran Findlay on the Scottish Housing News Podcast to discuss what this could mean for the Scottish housing sector.

How does the Repairing Standard update affect landlords in tenement buildings?

In March, the Scottish Government published updates to the Repairing Standard for landlords, due to come into effect from 1st March 2024.
The Repairing Standard “outlines the legal and contractual obligations private landlords are required to meet to ensure that a privately let property meets a minimum physical standard.” (Scottish Government)

Policy update: Scottish Government

Under One Roof took part in the second meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s Tenement Maintenance Working Group in February. Four MSPs attended the meeting, including Graham Simpson (Conservative), Daniel Johnson (Labour), Kaukab Stewart (SNP), and John Mason (SNP).