Liquid applied roofing

Useful for upgrading an existing felt or asphalt roof.

Liquid applied roofs are a resin material, applied cold to a glass fibre matting. The resin is laid in two coats and can be finished in a light grey. Wood rolls can also be formed on the roof, so that the finished surface looks like a lead roof.

The resin can be formed around features such as vents, ducts, and pipes, which often protrude through roofs. The material can be used to upgrade an existing felt or asphalt roof, by adding insulation over the existing roof and then applying the resin. The old roofing acts as a vapour barrier.

If you live in a listed building or in a conservation area, you may still be required to replace an existing lead roof with lead.

liquid plastic roof crop lite.jpg
Liquid plastic-applied roofJohn GilbertA lead apron flashing is tucked under the edge and dressed over the slates. From the ground it can look like lead.

This type of roof should be laid by accredited installers and they should provide a 25 year warranty. To extend the warranty a further 25 years, the roof can be recoated with the material.

Professional help recommended?

You would be wise to appoint an architect or surveyor if you need to prepare a specification and tender for the works.

Who pays?

Roof repairs are normally a common responsibility.