Problems with title deeds

Many title deeds have gaps or are inconsistent.

Typical problems encountered with title deeds are:

  • something missing
  • shares not adding up
  • unworkable arrangements
  • different procedures apply to some flats

If you have downloaded the checklist and checked your title deeds against these, you will see the equivalent Tenements Act 2004 rules. Where there are problems with the title deeds, follow the specific part of the Tenements Act for that issue only.

If this does not solve the problem, you can come to a mutual arrangement with your co-owners.  This arrangement will not be binding on owners who are not party to the agreement:

  • if they did not agree in the first place
  • if they bought their flat after the agreement was made

To make agreements binding on all owners and future owners, you need to make changes to all owners' title deeds.

Changing your title deeds