Owner meetings

Meetings are the best means of communicating with owners as everyone gets a chance to ask questions and share their point of view. You don't necessarily need a meeting to take a vote.

If having a meeting, you must give people at least 48 hours notice. Ideally, you should give people a week's or more notice and try to avoid significant events (major football matches etc). If you have owners' email addresses, then you can use a free online meeting scheduler service to find the most suitable date. Search online.

You should agree at the meeting who will notify all the owners who were not there and notify those owners as soon as possible after the meeting.

Allow 21 days for owners to appeal any decisions made at the meeting before implementing decisions.

What if you can't get owners to a meeting? 

  • if there are many absentee owners, consider using a service, such as Skype or Zoom, to include people in meetings
  • some title deeds refer to decisions being taken by 'owners at a meeting' - owners who are not present do not have a vote but they may be able to nominate a proxy (someone to vote on their behalf)
  • if you are unable to arrange a meeting of owners, you may take a vote by calling around doors, writing, or emailing to ask people to vote - you should notify all owners of the outcome of the vote as soon as possible

Further action

Contacting owners to make decisions without a meeting

Make your meeting effective and pleasant

Download our poster to put near your building's front door

Legal reference

Notifying owners

Tenement Management Scheme, Rule 3.4

Meeting notification

Tenement Management Scheme, Rule 2.7

Decisions made without a meeting

Tenement Management Scheme, Rule 2.8