Effective meetings

Some simple rules can help you to have a good meeting and keep owners coming back to finish business. You could circulate your meeting rules in advance. Take turns to bring the biscuits!

You also need to circulate an Agenda in advance and give people copies of papers so they can think things over.   Give them a chance to add items to the Agenda and then agree how long you will spend on each item so you don't spend too long on the least important items..

Close Meeting Rules

  • Be on time
  • Arrive at the meeting with an open mind and positive attitude.
  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Treat others with respect – no threats, no rudeness, no offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic or other inflammatory remarks.
  • Take turns talking
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Only one person to speak at a time.
  • No side conversations
  • Follow the Agenda
  • Keep to the topic
  • When a topic has been fully discussed, do not go back to it again later
  • Say what is on your mind IN the meeting and not afterwards
  • If you have concerns, speak to the organiser privately before the meeting

Remember to take minutes or make a list of action points and agreements that can be copied to all owners after the meeting.

Presentations for your meeting

You can download presentations to show at your meeting - these are designed to help you communicate owner's responsibilities and show typical repair problems which your building may be suffering from.

Meeting Presentations