A short guide to maintaining gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a key way to maintain your property’s value as it can prevent damage caused by damp. Due to climate change, rainfall in Scotland has increased significantly over the last 70 years and gutters need to be maintained to cope with this change.

Response to Cladding Bill Consultation

The Scottish Government has published a consultation to their proposed Cladding Bill, which seeks to address a number of issues related owners manging the issue of cladding in certain buildings in Scotland.

For sale: the Tenement Handbook

Did you know that Under One Roof originated from The Tenement Handbook: A Practical Guide to Living in a Tenement? The book was published in 1993, written by our founders John Gilbert and Annie Flint, and provided everything someone living in a tenement flat would need to know about their building. This book became the Under One Roof website.