Edinburgh Open Workshop

Have a go at making something fun in this fully equipped workshop

An amazing Open Access Makerspace in the heart of Leith

Edinburgh Open Workshop is an Open Access Makerspace in the heart of Leith.

It is a co-working facility built on a pay-as-you-go model – offering membership-based access to a fully equipped wood, metal, paint, and textiles workshop, with long term resident maker space, art studios, and a creative learning program of classes and workshops to help you gain the confidence to ‘Make it Yourself’.

As a multi-arts hub this community of makers brings people across a wide range of creative disciplines, with a variety of skills and interests into close quarters, fostering development and collaboration, and providing resources and support to hobbyists, freelancers and creative companies.

’Have a Go’ on their fanciest bit of machinery, the CNC Smart Bench Router! See what you can make with a file, and a click of the button – so far they've made dinosaurs, giraffes, shelves, bespoke signs, and a horrifyingly large spider.

Booking information: 

No advanced booking required

Opening Dates:

Saturday 24th September

Opening times: 10am - 4pm


39 – 41 Assembly Street




  • Step-free access
  • Accessible bathroom
  • Gender neutral toilets
  • Loop system
  • Information and signposting available in large print