Seafield Wastewater Treatment Works

How has Edinburgh’s waste been treated in the past?

From the Gardyloo ship to green energy!

From sewage being tossed onto the streets, to the Gardyloo ship, to today's modern treatment methods, including how green energy is generated, this is a tour like no other.

Seafield is Scotland's largest wastewater treatment works, treating the wastewater from the population equivalent of 850,000 people and is open for organised tours on Doors Open Day. Seafield utilises biogas captured during the treatment process, generates green energy from this and at times can be completely self-sufficient and even export electricity to the national grid.

Tour information: 

Three tours will be offered per day for Doors Open Days 2022. Each tour will have 12 spaces. The tours will last for a maximum of 2 hours each. Visitors will be expected to book tours in advance using the Eventbrite booking form and bring their tickets with them.

As Seafield is an operational site, advance booking for tours is essential, and no under 16's are allowed for Health and Safety reasons. Visitors who attend the site without a valid ticket will have to be turned away. For Health & Safety Reasons, unguided tours are not possible. 

Guests will be greeted by their tour guide at the front gate. The tour guide will provide an induction, hot and cold refreshments and Personal Protective Equipment Provision. After the induction process, there will be opportunities for initial questions. Then the site tour will commence, where questions can be asked throughout the remaining tour. It is a requirement that visitors remain with their tour guide at all times and obey all instructions that are given to them. This is to ensure visitors' safety, as Seafield WWTW remains an operational site. Tours can last up to 2 hours, including questions. 

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Opening Dates:

24th and 25th September 


20 Marine Esplanade




  • Limited access
  • Accessible parking
  • Step-free access
  • Routes free from trip hazards
  • Accessible bathroom
  • Seating
  • Information and signposting available in large print