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Managing and maintaining a tenement building can be difficult, however, it's important to make sure that you and your co-owners are working together to ensure the health and stability of your building. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The Under One Roof website has hundreds of articles on all aspects of tenement maintenance and management. If you have a question, make sure to read the articles first, as you may find your answer already on our website. Check out our FAQs below: 

  • How do I find out who my neighbours are?
    • Knowing who your neighbours are can be very helpful. Ownership is public information, so if you don't know your neighbours or don't have a factor who can put you in touch with each other, there are ways to find out. Read more about searching for your co-owners.
  • What is an owners' association?
  • We can't agree on a repair, what are our options?
    • Every owner has a Duty to Maintain the parts of the tenement that provide support and shelter. If you cannot agree, then there are a number of options you can take yourself or with legal help. Learn more about your options.
  • What does a factor do?
    • A factor is employed by the owners of a building to manage the common parts. The factor is there to help owners keep their building up to standard and they work to a legal code. Find out more about factors.
  • What can we do to keep our tenement building in good condition?

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If the above information does not answer your question, we have an enquiry service available that allows you to ask us more personalised questions relating to your building. We aim to respond to enquiries within five working days, however, as we are a small organisation we may sometimes require more time.

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