Host information - Doors Open Days

Register your Edinburgh and East Lothian building, event, or trail for Doors Open Days 2022

The application deadline is Wednesday, 15th of June 2022

Standing Strong 

The theme of this year’s festival is “Standing Strong”, which will highlight the value of regular building maintenance and community approaches to looking after buildings and places. It will also examine the challenges of retrofitting buildings to address the climate emergency and achieve net-zero carbon emission targets. Hosts are encouraged to highlight the importance of regular building maintenance, sustainability, or community efforts that have kept historic buildings and places standing.  

Get involved

Doors Open Days gives buildings and community spaces the opportunity to introduce themselves to new audiences, and make Scottish history interactive and accessible. As a host venue, you can develop a range of in-person and digital tours, exhibitions, or events to fully showcase your building or community. Hosts have the opportunity to:

  • Open a building 
  • Create an in-person or digital trail 
  • Lead a tour around your building 
  • Run an in-person or digital seminar, workshop, or event
  • Develop a digital resource, such as a short film, animation, or document 

To have your building or event listed on the official Doors Open Days programme, you must meet the following entry criteria: 

1. Entrance must be free

2. Your event has to take place over the 24th-25th of September, in either Edinburgh or East Lothian 

3. You must offer something that isn't normally available for free 

Register your building, trail or event 

To register your event for Doors Open Days 2022, please fill out the relevant application form below. If you are not sure which application form to fill out, please email info@underoneroof.scotApplications will now close on the 30th of June 2022.

In-person registration forms

Open a building

Fill out this form if you want to open a building to the public, with the option to take bookings for timed visits or tours.

In-person event

Fill out this form if you want to host a talk, exhibition, or performance.

In-person trail

Fill out this form if you want to lead an in-person trail/tour.

Digital registration forms

Digital event

Fill out this form if you want to host a digital event (not an open building or trail), such as a webinar or online exhibition.

Digital trail

Fill out this form if you want to lead a digital trail/tour.

Digital resource

Fill out this form if you want to create or distribute a digital resource, such as a document, film, or animation 

Additional guidance

If you would like additional information on taking part in Doors Open Days, running digital events, or insurance and risk assessments, visit the Doors Open Days website

Keep in touch 

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