Courageous conversations

Can you help with our upcoming webinar for private landlords? The webinar on the 18th November is an interactive session that will help you have productive conversations in situations where neighbour disputes are developing.

If you are dreading an upcoming conversation with a neighbour, we have an opportunity for you to get some personal online coaching in techniques that will help you to make a clear, focused and timely intervention.

So if you are happy to be filmed taking part in this online coaching, please get in touch.

We know that as a participant in this session you will be in safe hands.

Our coaching session will be led by Brian Hutcheson who, since 2002 has designed and developed several outstanding interactive learning tools specifically for Housing Associations, transferring knowledge in an entertaining and informative manner using innovative visual aids and imaginative presentations. Brian has been nominated for a European Learning and Development award in Paris, and has a strong and loyal following across Scotland’s Housing Association community. We are now bringing this experience to private landlords.

The session will be recorded and we will make sure in subsequent editing that no personal details are revealed and no situations too closely identified. You will have a chance to view the edited recording before broadcast. 

In return, you will come out of the session

  • Recognising how to hold challenging conversations to address a variety of issues.
  • Being able to identify trigger points and learn about impulse control.
  • Knowing how to use conversation and collaboration to resolve differences of opinion.
  • Be able to reduce the occurrence of conflict using our model and questioning techniques.

If you have time available on the

  • 9th  November (AM or evening) or
  • 12th November (PM or evening)

please get in touch with Annie Flint at  as soon as possible.