Under One Roof Constitution

These are the charitable purposes of Under One Roof Scotland - an extract from the full constitution. You can also download the full constitution on this page.


4. The organisation's purposes are:

The advancement of citizenship and community development

4.1 Under One Roof Scotland will  promote the management, maintenance, improvement, sustainability, and preservation of tenements and tenement communities in Scotland by means of educating tenement owners, their advisers, and associated professionals; by promoting good practice and by advocating the development of better policy, practice, and legislation.

The advancement of education

4.2 To provide a freely accessible, impartial, accurate, and comprehensive body of knowledge on:

  • the legislation and good practice concerning tenement ownership and management
  • the methods by which such buildings are constructed, maintained, and improved

4.3 To educate tenement owners, their advisers, and other associated professions and service providers in:

  • the legal rights and responsibilities of owners of a tenement property
  • the appropriate repair and improvement of their buildings so as to ensure both public safety and the maximum life and sustainability of their building 
  • appropriate ways of working with other owners of the building and other organisations so as to ensure proper management and maintenance and the development of a culture of maintenance
  • their civic responsibilities as tenement owners

4.4 To research the needs and opinions of tenement owners and their advisers.

The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation

4.5 To promote and support co-operative working between owners within a tenement or tenement neighbourhood and the development of good practice in order to ensure that the tenement and its neighbourhood is sustainably managed, maintained, and improved and that there are harmonious relations between the various owners and the organisations that work with them.