Energy and heating

Where is the cold coming from?

Draughty windows

  • seals at joint could be damaged, missing, or painted over
  • badly fitting wooden window frames will need regular maintenance
  • lack of sealing (mastic) around frame

Draughty doors

Check the keyholes, letterbox opening, and gaps around the edges. A good fire resistant front door will generally provide good thermal efficiency and improve your EPC rating. Older panel doors can have their energy efficiency improved by gluing a thin layer of plywood over the thinner panels. This may require removing the beading and applying a new decorative moulding after the boards have been glued in place.

Draught from chimneys

Chimneys are common sources of draughts in a tenement flat. Check out the health of your chimney to ensure no extra draught is able to seep through. 

Wallhead chimney

Mutual chimney


Skirtings are not just a decorative finish to a wall, they also help block gaps that can allow noise or draughts to come into your room. Quarter-round 'mouse moulding' was also used at the junction of the skirting and the floor to block gaps.

Gaps between the floor and walls can be sealed. The use of quarter-round timber moulding is the most environmentally friendly means of doing this but expanding sealants can also be used. Special sealing tape can be used to seal between floor and skirting but it this needs to be covered over with some kind of decorative moulding. 

If replacing floors or skirting boards, it is possible to order special skirtings with draughtproof seals chased into them.

Cold walls

Can they be insulated?

Cupboards on outside walls are also prone to condensation.