Antisocial tenants

Your council, and any housing association or private landlord, should take measures against tenants who breach their tenancy conditions, which includes antisocial behaviour.

The landlord should speak to their tenant, give written warnings, and ultimately evict tenants if antisocial behaviour does not stop. However, do note that eviction is a last resort and only merited by fairly serious misbehaviour. Even where it is appropriate to evict, full court procedures need to be followed through and these take time.

All landlords should be registered. If landlords fail to manage their properties properly, the council can take action, removing them from the register or insisting on the use of professional managers.

Problems may occur where houses are let to groups of people. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) need to be licensed, but exact criteria will depend on the number of people living in the property and where the property is located. Contact the HMO section of the council for help. This may be based in the Housing or Environmental Health Department.

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