Police help with Antisocial Behaviour

The police can take action (and seek a conviction) on any antisocial behaviour which is a criminal offence.

Antisocial behaviour which can be considered criminal includes:

  • vandalism
  • attacking another person,
  • causing physical and/or psychological damage
  • wilfully damaging someone else’s property
  • behaving in a threatening or abusive way in order to intimidate or frighten or cause harassment, alarm or distress intentionally
  • inciting gender, racial or religious hatred or violence 

The police can issue on the spot fines (fixed penalty notices) for some types of antisocial behaviour, such as littering and dog fouling,

Contacting the police

If you are worried that the Police may call at your door, so identifying you as the person reporting the problem, ask the Police specifically not to call – say you will go to the Police Station. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously – but note Crimestoppers can’t give any other assistance.

If the antisocial behavior continues over a period of time, you may require further action to be taken by the police and you may need to keep contacting them.