Get your building surveyed every five years

If you don't know the condition of your building, you don't know how to prioritise repairs. A survey can give an objective assessment of the issues for you and your neighbours. There is a lot you can do yourself but we recommend a professional survey every five years.

Professional surveys

You should get a professional survey of your building carried out every five years - employ a surveyor, architect, or engineer but check that this is one of their specialisms. If you are in a conservation area or listed building, employ a conservation architect or conservation surveyor - there will be little difference in price but you will get someone who has better knowledge of your type of building.

Ask the surveyor to give you a list of repair priorities and a maintenance plan, so you can start making your financial plans.

In between, carry out your own surveys and get a roofer to look at your roof and clean gutters every year.

Carrying out a survey yourself