Know your neighbours

One of the best things you can do to maintain your property is to get on well enough with your neighbours that you can manage the property well. Even if you have a property factor / manager, knowing your neighbours can still help with communications, planning for repairs and getting agreement.

Knowing your neighbours

It is good practice to:

Keeping on good terms

While most flat owners are very considerate of their neighbours, sometimes there can be problems that arise from differing lifestyles and expectations. Sometimes, neighbours may be unaware of their responsibilities and sometimes they may have other difficulties that affect their ability to join in with common repairs.

Approaching neighbours sensitively can help deal with these problems. Use our guide to having difficult conversations before you ring the doorbell to tackle what seems like a tricky subject - it will often be resolvable with a little patience and understanding on both sides.

Don't let grievances build up and don't escalate affairs unnecessarily by going to the authorities before you've tried an informal approach.

Follow procedures

Your title deeds and legislation such as the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 set out rules for dealing with your neighbours and making decisions. Following these procedures will make sure you always deal fairly with neighbours (and if you don't follow procedures, you may not be able to enforce decisions or get further help).

Tell your neighbours about this website

Take every chance to chat about how to maintain the value of your building and how this website will help. Print off this poster and put it near your building's front door.