Single membrane flat roof finishes

Single membranes are mostly used on large areas on modern structures. They are popular as they can be applied over insulation in a similar manner to liquid applied roofs.

Single membranes are made of sheets of synthetic rubber, heat-sealed or glued together with self-sealing strips, which also secure the membrane to the insulation.

If used where foot traffic is expected, and insulation foam is used, install a plywood base over the foam insulation and under the finished membrane. This makes the surface more robust.

Single membranes should be laid by accredited installers and come with a guarantee of about 25 years, although the material is expected to last as long as 50 years. Good quality workmanship extends the life of the material. A maintenance agreement is worth having to protect the length of life of the roof.

Professional help recommended?

If the flat roof is covering a large part of your building and needs major repair or replacement, get a professional survey before proceeding.

Who pays?

Roof repairs are normally a common responsibility.

Further information

Single Ply Roofing Association

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors 'The Householder's Guide to Flat Roofing'