Stone gutters

These gutters are simply a channel in a top cornice stone.  The channel should be lined with lead or asphalt.  As these gutters are hidden, leaks can easily go undetected leading to costly defects.


Lead linings may not have sufficient thermal expansion joints leading to wrinkles, cracks and leaks. Similar problems can occur with asphalt linings with the areas above masonry joints being most vulnerable.

These gutters can also be too shallow to cope with all the rain coming off your roof.  They then overspill.

DSC 1731 stone gutter crop lite.jpg
Stone gutter with lead liningJohn GilbertNote how shallow it is


D6.1 asphalt gutter.jpg


  • get the lining replaced by a competent tradesman – if using lead, special rubber expansion joints can be used to allow the lead to expand (but note these joints will often fail before the lead itself)
  • asphalt should be laid on a membrane to allow it to expand and be taken well up under the roof slates or tiles
  • consider getting the edges of the gutter raised up to make a deeper channel to cope with rainstorms


gutter with upstand.jpg
Upgraded gutterJohn GilbertUpstand added to increase capacity to deal with increased rainfall


Professional help recommended?

You should always seek professional advice if your building needs this kind of work.