Structural engineers

A structural engineer can advise on the significance of cracks or subsidence and any remedial measures you need to take.

You should enlist the help of a structural engineer if you find new  or growing cracks in your property or if there are signs of recent subsidence such as sloping floors and sticking doors.

To find an engineer, search online through the Institute of Structural Engineers or look at  Check that he/she has experience in working in tenements and can supervise contracts. Conservation accredited engineers do not necessarily charge higher fees and can be found through the Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers (CARE) If the engineer advises that substantial work is required, it may be worth commissioning an architect or surveyor to put together a programme of works which will give good value for money.

If you are already working with an architect or surveyor, he/she will be able to recommend an engineer they have worked with previously.