Whose agreement do we need?

As always, check your title deeds to see what applies to your building.  If there is nothing, or it is unworkable, then act as below.

Decisions about maintenance are made by a simple MAJORITY decision (one vote per flat).

Decisions about improvements need ALL owners to agree.

The decisions normally made by majority vote about repairs and maintenance are:

  • carrying out maintenance
  • what needs to be done
  • organising surveys
  • appointing contractors
  • running a maintenance account
  • installing door entry systems
  • installing insulation
  • excusing an owner's share
  • authorising repairs already carried out (e.g. emergency repairs)
  • changing previous decisions

Once you've got an agreement to go ahead with repairs, there will be further decisions to be made, such as which contractors to use, how to manage the contract, or how much each owner needs to pay for repairs. These decisions are also made by majority vote.

If you cannot get agreement to essential repairs necessary to provide support and shelter to your building, consider using the Duty to Maintain and other ways of enforcing repairs.

Further action

Once you have made some progress with agreeing to repairs, you should protect your position using a Notice of Potential Liability for Repairs.

Legal reference

Making decisions about works

Tenement Management Scheme, Rules 2 and 3

What are improvements? 

Tenement Management Scheme, Rule 1.5
Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, s 69