Form of potential liability for costs



This notice gives details of certain maintenance or work carried out in relation to the property specified in the notice. The effect of the notice is that a person may, on becoming the owner of the property, be liable by virtue of section 10(2A) of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 9) for any outstanding costs relating to the maintenance or work.

Property to which the notice relates:

(Note: If the property has a Land Certificate, you must give the title number. Otherwise the description should refer to and identify a deed recorded Register of Sasines).

Description of the maintenance or work to which notice relates:

(Note: Describe the maintenance or work in general terms)

Person giving notice:

(Note: Give the name and address of the person applying for the notice or the applicant's name and the name and address of the applicant's agent)


(Note: The notice must be signed by or on behalf of the applicant.)

Date of signing: